China gradually become a main crusher production country

As we all know, since the beginning of this century, due to the development of the world economy and increasing domestic investment in infrastructure, China has become the world’s number one crusher machine producing and consuming nations. While as a crusher power is comforting, however, we have not many complete independent intellectual property rights of high-end equipment, some key components of high-end stone crusher equipment also need to import; this is a serious obstacle to the progress of rock crusher machine industries. For this reason, some technical analysts suggest: as soon as possible the construction of jaw crusher machine industry shared technology platform, providing conditions for high technology research and development. Second, enterprises in R&D crusher, be sure to use long life, low energy consumption, light weigh concept. Third, in the design of the device you should to pay attention to a number of years after the end of life should be minimal pollution, components can be recycled or decomposition, reduce environmental pollution.

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