Causes and solutions of severe vibration of ball mill pinion

In the daily production of the ball mill, there will always be some sudden failures, such as severe vibration of the ball mill gear, cracking of the large gear ring of the ball mill, or the sudden increase in the temperature of the ball mill bearing. accident. Fodamon engineers shares the reasons and solutions of the severe vibration of the ball mill pinion.

The normal operation of the ball mill uses the motor to drive the ball mill to perform rotation operation. The motor drives the ball mill to directly connect the pinion through the elastic pin coupling and drive the big gear ring to realize the operation of the ball mill. In the process of operation, if the pinion and its base are found to vibrate violently, it is mainly because the distance between the pinion and the anchor bolt is far, and there is no fixed point in the middle, which makes the amplitude of the middle part of the pinion base larger, and the frequent vibration will cause serious wear of the pinion.

Solution: replace the pinion of the ball mill, add two anchor bolts on the inner side of the pinion and the meshing side of the big gear, and reinforce the base again. After the operation, the foundation shall be cleaned first, and the levelness, elevation and position and height of foundation bolts shall be checked.

Drill the diameter hole (the size of the hole needs to be determined according to the size of the ball mill), install the anchor bolts, and grouting and pouring. After solidification, use the wedge iron to find the initial alignment. Then adjust the gap between the pinion gear and the large gear, correct the pinion gear by adjusting the height of the wedge, and then perform the second grouting, retain the motor-side half coupling, survey and map the pinion shaft, and redesign the small gear Gear half coupling.

Because the half coupling at the end of the pinion is in interference fit with the shaft, it needs to be hot installed. First, make a test bar that is larger than the online dimension of the shaft, fix the pinion shaft, and then heat the shaft hole of the half coupling. When the test bar can pass through the shaft hole of the half coupling completely, it can be assembled. Put the pinion shaft and bearing into the bearing housing, and adjust the tooth top clearance and tooth side clearance between the pinion and the big gear. Then the gap between the base and the ground shall be grouted twice, and the test run shall be carried out after solidification.

It is suggested that if the vibration failure of the ball mill pinion is to be reduced, the ball mill can be installed in accordance with this method

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