Brief of impact crusher

Impact crusher is a new highly efficient crushing equipment. Its characteristics are small volume, simple structure, large crushing ratio(up to 40), low energy consumption, large production capacity, uniform particle size, and selective crushing effect, so it is a very promising device. But its biggest drawback is that board hammer and counterattack plate are particularly prone to wear, especially when it crushes the hard ore, wear is even more serious, so the board hammer and counterattack plate often need to be replaced. Present, because of the emergence of a number of wear-resistant material, in some metallic ore concentration plant, it has been applied.
    The crushing process of impact crushing machine: material enters the counter-clockwise rotation of rotor from the mine mouth through chain curtain, be the second impact by the board hammer, part of the material is still flying the first counter board at high speed, another part of the material (mostly small) fly the second counter board to be crushed. In this process, some material are broken round-trip times in the crusher, and finally the material which reach the requirements of particle size are discharged from the crushing machinery.

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