Beneficiation process of Fluorite ore

Many of the chemical beneficiation of manganese, China carried out extensive research, which tests more than promising is: even the two kraft, black manganese law and bacterial leaching of manganese method.The equipment include jaw crusher,ball mill and so on. Has not yet put into industrial production.

1 In addition to calcium fluorite beneficiation process

In addition to a kind of calcium fluorite beneficiation process, which is a rough selection, multiple selection of work composed of oleic acid or its substitutes, as collector for roughing, to a mixture of sulfuric acid as a calcium silicate mineral inhibitor, the ratio of sulfuric acid and acidic water glass is 1: 0.5 to 1: 2, the joint amount of 0.5 ~ 1.5kg / t ore. In addition to the present invention provides calcium fluorite beneficiation process has the addition of calcium, high efficiency, simple technology and low cost advantages can be obtained from calcium carbonate-type fluorite mineral content of selected low-grade fluorite concentrate.

2 fluorescent paint natural fluorite

A natural fluorite optical coating process technology, the process is the dressing – crush – preparation – mixing – sintering. The invention process is simple and low cost to meet a variety of arts and crafts with paint and fluorescent effect has requested of the items.

3 a kind of preparation methods of fluorite flotation

A kind of preparation of fluorite flotation of the preparation, production of intermediate products of oleic acid or mixed fatty acids of crude fatty acids as raw materials, adding weight to its weight as fatty acids 3% to 15% sulfuric acid, sulfuric acid technology to make it happen reaction, further reaction products of fatty acids by adding weight to the weight of 0.4% to 3% of foaming agent is needed for mineral products. The present invention provides low-cost method of production, the production of fluorite floating collector collector use strong, water-soluble, well dispersed, suitable at room temperature and low temperature flotation fluorite.

4 fluorite flotation agent composition adjustment

Fluorite flotation process a kind of method. Flotation of fluorite mine existing technology used to adjust acid jacketed plus synergist agent. The invention is adding acid and water glass with the acid composition of one or more of a mixture of soluble salts for regulating the composition and form a composition series, you can use sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, oxalic acid, acetic acid in any acid and the corresponding salt, salt water glass composition of the range of 1 ~ 2: 1 ~ 5: 0.5 to 1. Adaptability of the invention, good stability, concentrate quality, high recovery rate and low cost.

5 carbonate – flotation separation of fluorite mine

The present invention provides a carbonate – Fluorite Mine cost-effective method of flotation separation, especially for high carbonate content of the flotation separation of fluorite mine. The key is to choose an effective inhibitor of carbonate minerals – acidified water glass and Canadian drug measures in the conventional process conditions, to achieve high purity carbonate and fluorite separation.

6 fluorite flotation method

This invention relates to flotation with a modifier method of Fluorite. This invention used by the acid, alkali and synergist mixture composed as the regulator, using oleic acid or sodium oleate as a rubber collector, process for the composite circuit, in the near-neutral and Fluorite under normal temperature conditions flotation, fluorite concentrate obtained high recovery rate, product quality heteroatom low, low consumption of Pharmacy, low cost, suitable for all kinds of fluorspar concentrator applications.

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