Methods to increase the capacity of cone crusher (Ⅰ)

Cone crusher is one of the most popular medium and fine crushing equipment, which is suitable for crushing all kinds of medium and hard materials. However, many users find that even though they are in full production, they still feel that the capacity of crusher is not high enough to reach the ideal production state. Engineers of fodamon will share the skills and methods to improve the capacity of cone crusher, hoping to help you.

1. Keep the tight edge discharge port parameters unchanged
If you want to stabilize the output, quality and load of the sandstone products, the first thing to ensure is that the parameters of the discharge port of the tight edge of the cone are unchanged. Otherwise, the particle size of the product will be unexpectedly increased, which will affect the entire production line system and the final output.
For example, the discharge opening of the tight edge of a device is set to 10mm. However, due to negligence of inspection and equipment wear, the parameter has been expanded to 13mm. Then the product with the device less than 10mm will be reduced by 15%, and the target product output will be significantly reduced. A considerable number of sand and stone manufacturers suffered losses in this regard. It is recommended that the parameters of the tight-edge discharge port be recommended to be checked every time the shift is changed.
2. Try to keep “full cavity” operation
If a cone crusher is “full” when it is “hungry” due to unstable feeding and other factors, its product grain type and product rate will also fluctuate. The products of cone crusher with half cavity operation are not ideal in grading, needle slice and other aspects.
It is suggested that the manufacturer of sand and stone should try to ensure the operation of cone crusher full cavity and not overfeeding, so as to obtain better throughput and grain shape. This is particularly important for the production of the third stage cone break (short head cone break) of the final product.

3. Don’t feed too little
Giving only a small amount of raw material will not reduce the burden of cone crusher. On the contrary, too little raw material will not only damage the output of the product and have a poor particle size, but also have an adverse effect on the cone broken bearings.
According to the working principle of cone crusher, the actual power of cone crusher should not be lower than 40% of the rated power. In order to obtain proper “load bearing positioning” and maximize productivity, the actual power of cone crusher should be kept between 40% and 100% of rated power. Reaching 75% to 95% of rated power during operation is the best choice. Running beyond the rated power will affect the service life of the cone and cause various problems.

4. The feed drop point needs to be aligned with the center point of the cone crusher feed port
A vertical deflector is recommended to guide the feed drop point in the center of the cone break feed. Once the drop point is eccentric, one side of the crushing chamber is full of material while the other side is free of material or less material, which will result in low throughput of the crusher, increase of needle and sheet products, oversize product particle size and other adverse effects.
Once this happens, the operators tend to reduce the parameters of the tight edge discharge port and try to let the crusher produce the product with the target particle size. However, this is easy to cause overload, adjustment ring runout and other problems on the side with too much feeding. In the long run, it will cause adjustment ring tilt, warping, base damage and other problems, resulting in greater production losses.

5. Ensure uniform feeding
When feeding, it is necessary to avoid the situation where large-diameter stones are concentrated on one side and small-diameter stones are concentrated on the other side, so as to ensure that the stones are mixed evenly.

Once the feeding is not uniform, due to the abnormal increase of bulk density, the compaction and blocking on the side of small-sized stones are easy to occur, resulting in the jumping of the adjusting ring. In the face of the jumping of the adjusting ring caused by blocking, the operators will be forced to increase the discharge port parameters, resulting in the increase of product particle size. In the long run, it will also cause damage to the adjusting ring and other problems, resulting in greater production losses.

Fodamon engineers will continue to share with you the skills and methods to improve the capacity of cone crusher in the next article.

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