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The method of checking crusher for user

Date:2016-03-30 21:28:54

Crusher has many different kinds, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand crusher, cone crusher, fine crusher, double roll crusher and hammer crusher and so on. With so many devices, hammer crusher machine as infrastructure, have a great impact on the project. Hammer rock crusher must be commissioning after it is installed, to avoid the shortcomings in the work process. Then, when the user receives the stone crusher machine should be checked, but which aspects we should mainly check?
1.The foundation drawing that the manufacturer supplied. Only mean the placement of crusher and motor. Users with reference to the drawings combined the actual situation to design the installation plans.
2.Jaw crusher should be installed on concrete foundation, you should consider the discharge position when design.
3.To reduce the vibration, in order to avoid the vibration that the crusher machine working produced effect the construction. Between the local and the concrete foundation you should embedded in hardwood base plate or other relief vibration material.
4. When installation, the center of the motor and the rotor shaft should ensure straight.
5. The transmission of jaw crusher is on the right of the machine. But its position can be changed according to the actual needs.


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