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Maintenance and Repair of Jaw crusher

Date:2010-06-01 19:58:48

 During operation, jaw crusher mining machine must pay attention to be regular maintenance and repair. In the crushing equipment plant, the working conditions of jaw crusher mining machine is very poor. But the excessive wear of machine parts, or even fracture, are often due to the incorrect operation and ill repair. Therefore, the correct operation and careful maintenance is the important way to extend the using life of the machine and increase the running ratio of the equipment. In routine maintenance work, the operator should be able to correctly judge the equipment failure and accurately analyze the causes, so quickly to elimination.
  Whether the machinery equipment can often keep good condition or not, in addition to the proper operation, it first depends on maintenance, and second on repair. And equipment maintenance is the basis for equipment repair. In use, it is necessary to properly maintain and inspect the equipment, but also should master the wear cycle of the parts, to early find the defects of the equipment parts, timely repair and replacement, so that the crusher can not reach the point that the equipment are scrapped for not being repaired. So the timely repair of equipment is the important link to ensure normal production.


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