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Beneficiation process of mirror iron ore

Date:2019-08-26 13:00:51

Mirror iron ore equipment include main products such as Jaw crusher, hammer crusher, roller crusher, vertical impact crusher crusher, cone bearing ball park energy efficient, vibrating screen, automatic anti-sand Spiral pole machine, high efficiency flotation machine, mining stirred tank feeder, concentrator, mine hoist, mine conveyor, pre-water into a ball plate, spiral chute, dressing shaker, washing machines and other equipment. The following flow chart iron ore lens in the device name as follows: the original ore - Crusher - Vibrating Screen - ball mill - grading machine - magnetic separator - dryer.

Hematite iron ore mirrors a subspecies. Often isolated sheet-like polymer film collection or roses. Steel gray to iron black. Strong with shiny metallic luster. Because often containing magnetite particles and a magnetic inclusions. For smelting iron and steel.


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