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One-time forming without returning material fine crushing equipment

Date:2020-05-10 11:52:12

The double stage crusher (also known as the two-stage hammer crusher) is improved on the basis of the old-fashioned hammer crusher. It is a relatively new structure of crusher equipment.
The two stage crusher is equivalent to the combination of two hammer crushers, which is reasonably combined into a whole. Two sets of rotors are used in series and have the following characteristics:

1. Two rotors are crushed up and down in two stages. Two sets of rotors connected in series make the material crushed by the upper rotor be crushed again by the hammer of the lower rotor that rotates rapidly.The materials in the inner cavity collide with each other quickly and crush each other.After the effect of the powder material is reached, it is directly discharged .
2. There is no screen bottom, high humidity materials, never blocking. The traditional crusher with sieve plate is not suitable for raw materials with moisture content higher than 8%. When the moisture content of raw materials is higher than 10%, it is very easy to cause serious blockage, so that the hammer can not rotate, so that the hammer can not rotate, the materials can not be discharged, or even burn the motor, which seriously affects the production. The design of the machine has no screen bottom, no strict requirements on the moisture content of materials, no problem of paste blocking the screen plate, no problem of fine powder not being discharged in time and repeated crushing, so the crushing efficiency is high and there is no invalid wear of hammer head.

3. Unique two-way gap adjustment technology, when the gap between hammer head and lining plate becomes larger and the particle size becomes thicker after wear, the hammer head position can be moved from the center to the outside, and the gap between hammer head and lining plate can be reduced to continue to use. One hammer head can be used to top three hammerheads.
4. Hydraulic electric starter casing. Only one person can easily open and close, which is not only light and fast, safe and reliable, but also easy to maintain.

Fodamon two-stage crusher is applicable to the crushing operation of coal slag, furnace slag, slag, shale, gangue, construction waste, construction waste and other materials in pebble, calcite, limestone and brick factories. It has uniform discharging particles, one-time forming and no return material, which solves the problem of crushing a variety of high humidity materials.


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